Sunday, 13 September 2015

Happy Roald Dahl Day!!!

Today would have been Roald Dahl's 99th birthday and to celebrate the Roald Dahl museum have a host of activities taking place during the month of September. However if you can't get down to the museum, you could always download this fab activity pack and have your own crafty celebration!

During the summer holidays we took a trip to Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire to visit the museum. Little and big alike, we all loved it and had a terrific time learning all about Roald Dahl. A highlight for the little ones was getting to sit in a chair just like the one Roald Dahl used to sit in to write his stories.

 A wall of chocolate...

Sitting on the crocodile bench...

Oliver discovered he was as tall as Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory...



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