Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Happy elephant ending

I saw this article on the bbc website about an elephant calf at Howletts zoo in Kent that was initially rejected by its mother. After being fed round the clock by keepers for a couple of weeks the mother responded to the newborn and went on to show maternal behaviour and they developed a bond which allowed the calf to be cared for entirely by its mother. The picture of the calf following its mother reminded me of our little calf...


  1. Such a cute elephant love it. Who's the illustrator?

  2. Thanks Naomi. We're so pleased you like it. The elephant is illustrated by children's book illustrator John Butler. His cute baby animal artworks feature in all of our prints. The elephant is included in a number of them, such as this one... It also features in our letter E, alphabet and number prints, which you can also find on our website at